Prom Limo

Our Limo Hire Bristol vehicles can be hired for not just proms but also a whole host of other events. Proms are a great way to celebrate a school graduation and many schools and colleges have them so that the students can celebrate and let their hair down for an evening. Our chauffeur driven vehicle will come to pick you up at you location and then take you to your destination safely and on time, of course. If you have other friends or colleagues that need to also be picked up, we can swing by to collect them as well.

For an extra touch of style and panache on your prom night, let us transport you there in comfort and in style. Go for one of our sports limos if you really want to impress your date for the evening as they probably will never have been in a limo before, especially if they are still at school, or just about to graduate from school. A sports, prom limo guarantees a fast and spacious ride and every one of your friends will turn their heads to stare at a special vehicle like this. Ask for a quote and ask what discounts we have on offer to prom students who want to book one of our prom Limousines. You’ll get a fabulous deal.