Jeep Limo

Our Limo Jeeps are spectacular vehicles and are the kings of the road whenever they’re out and about. The sheer presence of these masterpiece automobiles are enough to command respect when out on the town. With gigantic, bulky alloy wheels and chrome bumpers, these are absolutely awesome limousines. We have access to several, varying in colour and seating capacity. Some even come with drop plates and running boards, which adds a special feature from the exterior.

Jeep limousines are available in Bristol in red, blue, green, pink, white, and of course black. Seating availability starts at 3 and goes all the way up to 16. Whatever size and colour you decide to take, we are one hundred percent positive that you will feel powerful and queen or king-like when being carried around in it. These are pure masters of the road. Limo Hire Bristol can give you a fabulous deal on many of our Jeeps.